This beautiful 10-foot cold-molded mahogany dinghy was built with fine workmanship and materials in the small community of Saetre, Norway, on a peninsula southwest of Oslo.

To offset jobs lost as a dynamite factory closed in 1960, the Norwegian government sponsored a small production run of these boats. They were intended for export to the U.S., but few made it here. Read history for the full story.

See pictures for different views of the boat and trailer showing details of construction. You can also see the boat being sailed and rowed on a vacation trip to Grayton Beach, Florida.

This rare boat is in pristine condition — always stored inside.

While she looks like fine furniture, this sleek boat is a pleasure to sail and row. Aboard her, I’ve explored lakes in Tennessee and Florida, as well as venturing offshore into the rolling swells of the Gulf of Mexico. See map for a “voyage” undertaken in the Florida panhandle.

Feel free to contact me for further information. ~ David Yarian